What is the core function of Our KetoAir Breathalyzer?

Our Ketone Breathalyzer helps the ketogenic diet users to have a better understand of the state of ketone in the body. Scientific data can be obtained just by a blow. It is reliable, easy, and convenient to use.

What contaminants will affect the sensor

Errors with the device sometimes occur when the sensor detects a contaminant such as nail polish, alcohol, hair spray and scented candles.

The period of validity of KetoAir Breathalyzer

We suggest you sending it back to our company for maintenance after 2000 test cycles because this can reliably maintain its highly accurate results. You can purchase this service in our shop.

Principle of KetoAir Breathalyzer

Acetone is the metabolism when the liver rapidly absorbs fat. It can be used as energy source for your body. When you are blowing on KETOAIR Breathalyzer, it detects the acetone level in your body and indicates the current keto status.

Difference between Blood/Breath/Urine Measurement?

Each method of ketone testing measures something different: Blood tests measure β-hydroxybutyrate levels Breath tests measure acetone levels Urine tests measure acetoacetate levels β-hydroxybutyrate, acetone and acetoacetate are different types of ketones produced during fat metabolism. If you are burning fat, you are making ketones, so all three can be used for measurement of ketosis.

When to take breath measurement?
  • Morning

    A morning breath measurement is the most important measurement of the day because your metabolism goes into a resting state when you are asleep. 
    We recommend taking the morning measurement 20 minutes after getting out of bed to ensure that your results are not affected by the temporary increase in blood sugar level when you wake up in the morning.

    After Working Out
    After a workout, wait a minimum of 30 minutes to take the measurement and evaluate the impact of the activity on your body. 

    After Meals
    Monitor the impact of certain foods on your body by taking a breath measurement 1 hour after a meal.