Our KetoAir breathalyzer, is the world smallest portable device with instant display screen to monitor the ketone level in your exhaled breath. It has a huge benefit when comparing with blood and urine test, the precise gas-sensor enable keto dieters to non-invasively detect ketone bodies in exhale breath in a user-friendly way and does not require finger prick, and you can use it anytime and anywhere. The test result from KetoAir will be transferred to our associated app for AI Nutritionist analysis and provides personalized recommendation. KetoAir is definitely the solution for keto dieters to strictly and successfully follow their ketogenic diet rules and prevent them from getting out of ketosis.

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KetoAir breathalyser combines with the Bluetooth connectable mobile app.

The operation is straightforward that enables you to manage and take control on your status easily.

With our cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithm and comprehensive database, you are able to log your daily food and meal intake, and get access to over hundreds of keto recipes.

Also, our in-app AI Nutritionist Ashely will 24/7 provides the most personalized dietary and exercise recommendations and guidance to you according to your personal health condition.

Assisting you along your keto journey and solve your problems instantaneously.


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KetoAIR Breathalyzer:

• Accurate, real acetone sensor
• Quick and easy - Just a single blow, get the result in seconds
• Knowing how different foods affect your ketone levels
• Test anytime and anywhere
• Stylish, Pocket size
• Keep yourself monitored and motivated, helping you to sustain your perseverance
KetoAir APP:

• Cutting-edge AI Nutritionist system providing personalized diet and exercise recommendations
• All-rounded Ketogenic Diet information
• Numerous Keto recipes
• Log your daily diet and exercise records
• Guide your nutrition and fitness regime plan

Press the power button

Bluetooth connection with your smartphone

Wait 90 seconds for warming up

Start blowing on the keto breathalyzer (20 seconds)

Get the result! Yea!

• KetoAir Breathalyzer
• Mouthpiece x 2
• USB-C Cable
• Travel Bag

• Dimensions: 121*23.2*20.5mm
• Weight: 100g with mouthpiece and batteries
• Mouthpieces: 2 included
• Battery: 210mAh Rechargeable Lithium batteries included
• Battery Life: Approximately 1,500 tests
• Sensor Technology: Japanese Acetone Sensor
• Sensor Accuracy: +/- 0.005
• Warm-Up Time: 90 Seconds
• Blowing Time: 20 seconds
• Response Time: 3 Seconds