$ 127.45

KetoAir Breathalyzer:

  • Accurate – Pretested to ensure the acertone sensor is properly calibrated
  • Quick and Easy – With a single blow, you get your result in seconds
  • Portable – Stylish and pocket-sized; you can monitor your ketosis anytime and anywhere
  • Trustworthy – KetoAir is FDA Class 1 Certified

Mobile App:

  • Bluetooth enabled for effortless record keeping
  • Manual entry allowed so users can edit and add contextual data to their records

Introducing the KetoAir Breathalyzer – the perfect tool for health and wellness conscious individuals who are looking to optimize their ketosis state and body fat burning rate!

This pocket-sized breathalyzer provides accurate and instant results in just a single blow, giving you the ability to monitor how different foods affect your ketone level. By measuring the level of acetone in your breath, which is produced by the liver during the process of ketone energy formation, you can determine your body’s fat burning status and adjust your diet accordingly.

Without pain, you can test your ketone levels anytime and anywhere, keeping yourself motivated to reach your optimal ketosis state and fat burning rate.


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